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Eco-Friendly Funeral Range

At The Floral Boutique we take pride in presenting our collection of eco-friendly funeral flowers, providing sustainable alternatives to traditional floral designs that are perfect for natural burials, memorials, and crematoriums. Our eco-friendly offerings not only reduce environmental impact but also uphold the beauty and significance of your tribute.
Here are the sustainable options we provide:
Hand-Tied Sheaf Arrangements: Our hand-tied sheaf designs offer a natural and elegant choice. Crafted without the need for floral foam, these arrangements use ties to hold the flowers together. They can be safely buried or composted, and when created with local and seasonal flowers, they have the smallest carbon footprint.
Casket and Tear Drop Sprays: We offer floral foam alternatives for casket decorations, such as reusable bases made from chicken wire and moss. These bases can be reused and do not contribute to plastic waste. We also use soil-friendly mineral foam alternatives when necessary, ensuring a more environmentally conscious approach.
Eco-Friendly Wreaths: Our wreaths are designed using natural plant materials, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional wreaths. We use bases made from rockwool or biodegradable materials, which can be safely buried with the coffin. Our wreaths reflect the eternal spirit and are free from harmful plastics.
Bespoke Designs: For those seeking personalized tributes, our skilled florists can work with you to create unique designs that honour your loved one's passions and interests. We use all-natural plant materials, avoiding plastic and foam, to ensure a meaningful and sustainable tribute.
When you choose The Floral Boutique, you can expect:
  • Quality and care - We understand the significance of funeral flowers and treat each arrangement with utmost care and attention to detail. Our experienced florists are skilled in eco-friendly practices and strive to deliver beautiful and sustainable tributes.
  • Thoughtful delivery - We offer flexible delivery options to ensure your funeral flowers arrive at the right time and location. We coordinate directly with local funeral directors, establishing effective communication and providing a seamless experience during this sensitive time.
  • Environmental responsibility - By choosing our eco-friendly funeral flowers, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and support sustainability efforts. We prioritize the use of natural materials, local and seasonal flowers, and recyclable packaging to minimize our environmental footprint.
  •  Honouring traditions - We respect cultural and personal traditions associated with funeral flowers. Our designs can be tailored to your preferences while offering sustainable alternatives that align with your values.
At The Floral Boutique, we recognize the importance of honouring your loved ones without compromising the environment. With our eco-friendly funeral flowers, you can create a meaningful tribute that celebrates their memory while making a positive impact.

“We had an amazing experience with Flowers by Nic for a funeral. Nic is lovely and the flowers were absolutely beautiful - we went for an eco-friendly teardrop arrangement and they were just like the photos on the website. The aesthetic was much more natural than the arrangements offered by most florists. They were so reasonably priced, too. The fact that they were eco meant we could leave them on the casket during the burial, which my family agree made a big difference to the experience. We will be back, and I’ve no doubt the whole family will be recommending Nic to everybody on the island!”
Review by JP 21/2/24
Please contact us today by phone on 01983 811 291 or email to discuss your specific needs, and let us create a beautiful and sustainable tribute that truly reflects your loved one's spirit.

Eco-Friendly Tied Sheaf

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