Our Sustainability Policy


We are committed to tread carefully as we work towards a greener and more sustainable future, and constantly looking for ways to improve how we do things.

Our passion is curating luxurious floral designs, using sustainable products wherever possible.

We would never hide the fact that the majority of our flowers are imported from Europe by sea, but we have taken steps to try and off-set this journey.

Here are some of the small adjustments we have made to our daily business:

Design solutions

• Our florist choice bouquets are curated with seasonal blooms, which means they are grown and cut when they are naturally thriving, so they are at their strongest, biggest and therefore, most beautiful. Seasonal flowers are always an eco-friendly choice.

• We offer a range of creative/imaginative eco-friendly designs.Rather than using floral foam, we use other techniques such as chicken wire and moss in our large wedding installations, and AgraWool in our basket designs. This still holds the flowers in place but also absorbs water to keep flowers hydrated.

• We are constantly trialling new techniques, and this gives us a real sense of achievement!

Flower sourcing

• We have introduced locally-grown seasonal flowers in our bouquets, in order to limit the amount of flowers we have to source from Europe. If you would like to hear more about our local flower partners, please let us know.


Delivery slots are limited to a certain number each day. We consolidate our deliveries to ensure we can be efficient and reduce the time our van is on the road, thereby reducing traffic pollution.


• We reuse, recycle, and repurpose materials wherever we can.


• All cardboard packaging is recycled.

Plastic packaging, used by our suppliers, is re-used by us for extra packing in our delivery van.

• The packaging of our flower food, supplied with every flower order, is biodegradable.

• Our presentation wrapping includes: natural twine that can be reused or composted; gift boxes that can be repurposed, returned to us or recycled (the cotton handles can be composted); and natural Kraft and tissue paper that can be recycled.

• We currently use bio-based clear cello for our aqua pack bouquets that can be recycled on the Isle of Wight, via your Recycling Green Receptacle.

• We also offer blooms in glass bottles, bowls, jars and vases that can be reused (or even refilled!) rather than the aqua packs.

Product end of life

• Once our beautiful bouquets reach the end of life they can be composted or recycled in green garden waste recycling. Alternatively, why not explore pressing, or drying a few selected stems? Simply hang them upside down in a warm room and watch them dry naturally. We love the idea of creating a keepsake from a special occasion.

Waste management

• We minimise waste by evaluating our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

• All waste is sorted and recycled wherever possible.

• Our green waste is composted on site.

• We are working hard towards running a paperless office.

Water management

Water from our buckets and vases is used to water our own small cutting garden.

What you can do

· Please pop everything in the right bin!

· Shop locally and support local businesses, it helps to cut carbon emissions and air pollution, plus you’ll be supporting your own local economy. Thank you so much!


If you have any feedback or suggestions then we’d love to hear them! We are always open to ways in which we can continue our journey in becoming a more eco-friendly florist