What will the floral trends be in 2020?


We love nothing more than poring over interior magazines and studying floral industry sites in order to spot up and coming trends. This sort of ‘deep dive’ research sparks our creativity when planning wedding flowers, and also informs our decisions on what flowers and plants we stock in the shop. We try to stay ahead of the curve so that our ideas are fresh and current. So what floral trends can we see on the horizon as we head towards 2020?

We’ve noticed that more delicate and neutral colour palettes are proving popular for weddings in the coming year. Nude, blush and even cappuccino tones which are so soft and feminine, and also add warmth. This combination is elegant and timeless but can also be turned on its head and used in more asymmetric designs (even bouquets!) giving a modern, edgy feel.

We’ve seen botanical themes used widely this year, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2020. So just what is a ‘botanical’ theme? It’s all about greenery which can be used either alone or to complement flowers and add texture. We’ve experimented with lots of luscious and interesting foliage combinations this year which have produced incredibly beautiful bouquets and buttonholes. They can be quite big and include different shades of green to add drama or they can be very minimal and delicate.

With 1970’s bohemia just beginning to have its time to shine on the floral front it’s been fun to use these in the shop and even on some recent wedding work at Ventnor Botanic Gardens. We used pampas plumes, ornate wicker chairs and dried flower bouquets – look out for lots more in 2020.