What are my favourite flowers?


Oh February! We love you – and not just on Valentines Day! January is out of the way and longer days are peeping through. It’s amazing how positive the world looks as the days draw out.

There are definite signs of spring popping up all over our beautiful little Island. Green shoots unfurling all over the place. We took a chilly walk around Newchurch last week starting off at the church, walking around Martin’s Woods and ending at The Pointers pub (where we enjoyed a REALLY tasty roast FYI). As we were strolling I spotted a carpet of delicate snowdrops. Pure and white. The first spring flower to bloom after winter frosts. A sign of rebirth, consolation and hope.

Of course fragile snowdrops belong outside, whilst inside our little shop fresh spring flowers are arriving daily. Beautiful potted muscari (for those that don’t know, muscari are grape hyacinths that come in powder blue and white colours, with the flower not surprisingly shaped like a cluster of tiny grapes!) sweetly scented narcissus and hyacinths plus a real favourite of mine – tulips!

I love everything about them. The colours, shapes, sleek lime green foliage. All of it! They arrive to us as tight buds fresh from the market and then slowly open showing their petals off like beautiful dresses.

They continue to grow even once they’ve been cut. The stems get longer and create the most exquisite shapes as they droop over the lip of a vase. Even the crisp sound of removing the foliage is just music to my ears. There are so many varieties but I think my personal favourite has to be the parrot tulip. With their frilly edges and a swirly blend of colours on each flower every one is truly unique.

And it’s only the beginning! Tulips are with us until the end of May so we’re looking forward to taking full advantage of each gorgeous stem by including them in some of our spring weddings.

Nic x