Valentine’s Day leap year proposal

Discover floral tips to make your Valentine’s Day leap year proposal unforgettable. (February 2024, 1.5-2 minute read)


Embrace the extraordinary in 2024 as we combine the tradition of Valentine's Day with the leap year's empowering spirit. This Valentine's Day, we're encouraging women to seize the opportunity and make their own romantic leap by proposing with the timeless beauty of flowers. Come on ladies!

Valentine's Day and proposals go hand in hand, and flowers have always been a symbol of love. Roses convey passion, tulips mean perfect and deep love. This Valentine's Day, let the language of flowers speak volumes as you take charge of your love story with a carefully chosen bouquet that reflects your deepest emotions.

Valentine's Day is traditionally associated with romantic gestures, and what better way to break free from norms than by proposing on this special day? Embrace the empowering spirit of the leap year and take the lead in expressing your love with a stunning arrangement of flowers that will leave a lasting impression.

Tailor your bouquet to your partner's personality and preferences. Whether it's a classic arrangement of red roses or a playful mix of tulips, our expert florists are here to help you create a personalised bouquet that captures the essence of your relationship and adds an extra layer of magic to your Valentine's Day proposal.

Enhance the romance of Valentine's Day by creating a magical setting with strategically placed flowers. Whether you're planning a cosy dinner at home or a romantic walk on the beach, let the beauty of flowers elevate the atmosphere, turning your proposal into an unforgettable moment.

Capture the beauty of your Valentine's Day proposal with a backdrop of exquisite flowers. This visual masterpiece not only immortalises the moment but also allows you to share the joy with friends and family, making your love story a celebration for everyone to enjoy.

Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest floral trends into your Valentine's Day proposal. From bold and dramatic modern arrangements to delicate pastel country garden hues, our florists can guide you in selecting blooms that align with the current aesthetic, making your proposal even more memorable.

This Valentine's Day in 2024, let love take centre stage as you combine tradition with the empowering spirit of the leap year. Proposing with flowers is not just a gesture; it's a statement of love, independence, and the courage to embrace unconventional choices. Visit our online shop, or contact us to help you create a bespoke bouquet that tells your unique love story, because this Valentine's Day, it's your time to shine!

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