Our Green Impact Award


Eco Conscious Floristry

Since moving to our studio we’ve been making steps to become more sustainable and looking at our impact on the environment.

We then discovered the Green Impact Award, an award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practices within a business. Their tool kit would really help us recognise what we could do to improve as well as illustrate all of the positive changes we had already put into place. We accumulated points as we completed each question and at the end we’d be awarded for our efforts.

Making our sustainability story about the everyday things we can do as an eco conscious florist - from the amount of water we use, the miles we drive, recyclable packaging as well as the flowers used.

We have now made changes to our buying mindset and choose seasonal British and locally grown blooms where possible. Seeing what nature has to offer each season and including these into our bouquets really puts a smile on our faces and we hope it does the same to our customers. With a lot of work and consideration (and help from our wonderful business mentor Brian) we successfully submitted our form and waited for the outcome.

We were successfully awarded a SILVER Green Impact Award! What an achievement!

We attended their award ceremony at the wonderful Calbourne Water Mill where we met with other Island businesses all with the same mindset. We came away feeling inspired and like we were part of a change happening within local businesses. This is just the start of our journey.

Are you passionate about sustainability and do you have a creative mind to help make our florist business more eco-friendly? Let’s work together to make a positive difference and create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Join our community, put on your thinking cap, and share your ideas using our hashtag #FloristOnAMission to spread the word.

Much love

Nic x

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