Happy birthday to us!


13% discount on all purchases* made before 31 July 2019.

July is an exciting month as our little floral business turns thirteen. Happy birthday to us! Did you know that you can buy a range of gifts from us here in Ryde, not just flowers?

This expansion into homeware and garden decor prompted our name change 5 years ago. It seemed to evolve naturally as we moved beyond stocking flowers to include an ever changing supply of indoor plants, unique ceramic pots and elegant glassware. We wanted to offer an alternative to customers looking for a little extra to accompany a bouquet, or to customers wanting to support us despite not being greenfingered!

One of the very popular lines that we’ve branched into is stocking St Eval candles. St Eval have been making candles from their Cornish home for over 25 years and their ethos of ‘treading softly on the earth’ and a strong belief in keeping traditions alive, seemed to fit with how we strive to do business too. They create their own unique blend of wax and fragrance ensuring a truly fabulous scent. Our most popular candle is definitely the Sea Salt, we have customers who stock up on 2 or 3 at a time! But I think my personal favourite is the Bay and Rosemary, a comforting and welcoming fragrance as you step inside the door of your home.

We rate these candles so highly that we’ve added them to our online shop as an addition to any flower bouquet purchase, making the perfect little bundle – if I do say so myself!

Indoor plants have become really popular in recent years too. Succulents have enjoyed a resurgence with millennials (usually short on space and money), as they are relatively easy to look after and are transportable when it comes to moving house! There’s even a #succulentsunday on Instagram with 83,000 posts to date! We love stocking them in the shop as they make a really low maintenance gift for those wanting to introduce some greenery into their home.

We’re planning on lighting some candles and raising a toast to The Floral Boutique this month. What will the next 13 years have in store I wonder? So much has happened so far but I still have a head full of ideas on how to take our business forward. It was certainly just a little seedling, and is now a well established tree. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to do so.

If you’ve got a birthday for a loved one coming up here’s a gift from us…

just add BIRTHDAY13 at the checkout to receive a 13% discount* on all purchases made before 31 July 2019.

Have a lovely summer!

Nic x x x

*discount does not apply to any wedding or funeral flower purchases