Eco Farewells

Explore how sustainable funeral flowers offer a heartfelt tribute while protecting the planet. (October 2023, 1.5-2 minute read)


In a world increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of our choices, it becomes imperative to extend our commitment to sustainability to the most sensitive moments in our lives, including saying our final farewells to our loved ones. Eco-friendly funeral flowers are not just about appearances; they carry profound implications for our planet and the values we hold close to our hearts.

While traditional funeral flowers, hold beauty and emotional significance, they often come with a hidden ecological cost as many of these arrangements rely on plastic support frames, contributing to plastic waste that lingers in our environment for generations; furthermore, they frequently use non-biodegradable floral foam, a substance that persists in landfills for extended periods, releasing harmful chemicals into our soil and water, and the use of plastic wrapping and containers in these conventional setups further exacerbates the global plastic pollution problem, with these synthetic materials enduring for lifetimes. Scary stuff!

Choosing eco-friendly funeral flowers signifies a commitment to reducing your ecological footprint and is a gesture of respect not only for the memory of your beloved but also for the planet they held close to their heart. It involves celebrating the inherent beauty of local and seasonal blooms that mirror the unique qualities of your loved one's life while harmonising with the natural world.

By choosing eco-friendly funeral flowers, you actively contribute to the battle against plastic pollution. Eco-friendly funeral flowers naturally decompose, leaving no lasting mark on the environment, making them ideal for natural woodland burials, memorial services, and crematoriums.

At The Floral Boutique, our unwavering commitment is to offer eco-friendly funeral flowers that allow you to express your love, respect, and tribute to your cherished one while championing sustainability and environmental responsibility. These heartfelt arrangements are meticulously crafted to provide comfort during challenging times and leave a lasting positive legacy for our world. This is something we feel passionate about.

We invite you to join us on this meaningful journey. Allow us the privilege of assisting you in creating a tribute that encapsulates your love and reverence for both your loved one and the environment. In life's most poignant moments, we find the means to celebrate what truly matters while preserving the exquisite beauty of our world.

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